Justice for All

Judge JP Boulee has spent his career seeking truth and justice for all. In his courtroom, everyone is treated with equal respect and fairness.

A Career of Service to Others

Judge Boulee began his career serving as a U.S. Army JAG Corps officer with the 101st Airborne Division. After serving as a trial counsel and operational law adviser to the 502nd Infantry Regiment, he went on to serve for two years as a public defender in the Army’s trial defense service, zealously representing soldiers who could not afford to hire their own private attorneys. He continued this service to those in need after he left the Army.  While an attorney at Jones Day, he devoted part of his practice to pro bono representation of indigent clients accused of crimes in state and federal court. In his last year of private practice alone, he devoted over 500 hours of his time to these cases.

Veterans Court

His Army service has given him special insight into the unique situations that arise with veterans who become part of our court system. Because of this, he is establishing a Veterans Court within DeKalb Superior Court to address the needs of those who have honorably served us all.

Alternative Sentencing

The law is a tool to keep our communities and families safe and prosperous. That means under- standing the difference between hard criminals and those who deserve a second chance. Prison is not always the most appropriate choice. Judge Boulee supports alternative sentencing programs for non-violent offenders who pose no threat to the public. Through programs that emphasize rehabilitation and community service, these non-violent offenders can maintain their ability to be productive members of our communities.